Chiropractic Testimonials

"My name’s Gary and I’m 85. Eleven months ago I was hit with a shoulder and upper arm pain the likes of which I’d never felt before. My first thought is “I’m too old for this crap!” After months of doctor after doctor it was determined that the hole in my C-2 vertebrae was too small and was pinching the nerve passing through it. Surgery? Fusion? Both came with the possibility of nicking a nerve or artery which could cause a stroke, death or my butt falling off. And while I was investigating all this, the pain never stopped."

My mother-in-law (who’s younger than I) told me about a chiropractor who’d really helped her with her neck/back problem. Please understand that through the years I have seen well over a hundred chiropractors. Most weren’t worth poop, but a few were really excellent. Four to be exact. Skeptical, I figured, “What the hell. Give him a shot.” I’d nothing to lose and I’d know right away if he was going to help.

After two sessions the pain had stopped. For the first time in 9 months! No, the bone/nerve problem wasn’t solved, but the pain was gone. Without drugs or surgery. So here’s the deal: I may still have a surgery that will enlarge the hole in my C-2 (I found a very simple, safe procedure), or I may not. I may simply choose to see Dr. Paul every few weeks and avoid going under the knife. And the best part is that while I’m considering, there’s no pain.

Oh, those four excellent chiropractors? There are now five. And Dr. Paul is at the top.

- Gary C.

"Dr. Paul is the man for the job! He is brilliant and kind—obsessed with creating ideal outcomes for every person that he interacts with.

Dr. Paul’s knowledge of the human brain and body is second to none and his forward thinking work on workplace mindfulness and productivity is changing the world!"

- Ryan M.

"Best chiropractor I have ever been too! I have dealt with chronic pain for years and in 3 visits and home exercises he suggested I finally have consistent relief!"

- Frances D.

"Paul is a highly skilled doctor. What I love most about him is his ability to really listen. He has a genuine heart and a huge desire to truly help."

- Debbie L.

"I have yet to meet a Doctor as knowledgeable, skillful, and kind as Dr. Paul Shrogin. I trusted him with my own care and I would highly recommend him to care for even my closest family and friends."

- Felipe M.

"Very caring and well informed. I'd recommend my entire family to see Dr. Shrogin."

- Braden F.


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