Frequently Asked Questions in South Austin

Find out the answers South Austin Chiropractors frequently give to patients seeking to learn more about chiropractic care at their office. Learning more about chiropractic and its benefits can help you find the best chiropractor for you. If you have a question you don't see answered below, reach out to your team at South Austin Chiro at (737) 228-3834.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in movement and function of the neuromusculoskeletal system, helping patients optimize those functions and treating associated pain. They use a variety of treatments including muscle release, stretching, manipulation, heat, electrical stimulation, and exercises to improve the function of your joints and your body overall to help you reach your goals and eliminate pain. You can expect your chiropractor to do a thorough examination, communicate with you about what is causing your pain and create a plan that includes both in-office treatment and a customized home rehab routine.

How Many Chiropractic Sessions Do You Need?

The number of chiropractic sessions that you need depends on a lot of things like: what brings you in, how you respond to care, and what daily habits might be causing pain. We usually recommend more regular visits at first to get you out of pain as fast and as completely as possible, and then as you progress we do less and less often. We provide customized home stretch and strengthening exercises in conjunction with treatment to fully address your pain and to make sure it doesn’t come back! We pride ourselves on averaging 80%+ improvement in 5.5 visits. That being said, seeing your Chiropractor once a month proactively can reduce or prevent body aches and stiffness, and may even prevent acute pain like “throwing your neck out”!

Why Should You Choose Our Office?

You should choose our office because we have no agenda. We want to use our extensive education and passion to provide you with as much information as you’re interested in learning, to get you feeling your best. That’s it! We know your time is valuable and we do our best to help you feel better and reach your goals as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on averaging 80%+ improvement in 5.5 visits. You want to come in once a month, talk about the weather and get out? Cool. You want to come in when you’re hurt, then call us if it happens again? Cool. You want to do blood work, learn about nutrition, exercise, the body’s system connections, and how to retrain your body and brain to achieve perpetual peak health and performance? Awesome.

What Does A Chiropractor Treat?

Chiropractors treat pain most places in the body, including the head and jaw, shoulders, elbows and wrists, hips and pelvis, knees and ankles. That may translate to back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, TMJ and so many other conditions. Chiropractors are trained to use specialized instruments and their hands to manipulate joints and muscles in the body to reduce pain and improve function and alignment. Chiropractors treat patients of all ages using appropriate intensity for each individual. Additionally, many patients report improvements in sleep, digestive function, breathing, energy, ability to focus and mood.

Can I Get Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is safe and can be very helpful during pregnancy. It is proven to alleviate low back pain, sciatica, neck and upper back stiffness and pelvic and round ligament pain. 80% of women also report improvement in other symptoms like nausea, heartburn, vomiting, dizziness, headaches and insomnia. Research has also shown it to shorten labor times! Our number is 737-228-3834 Wink

What Types of Pain Do Chiropractors Treat?

Low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, tennis elbow, headaches, migraines, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, rib pain and that is just to name a few!

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments very rarely hurt. Sometimes the stretches and exercises can cause some mild soreness, similar to what you might feel after a workout, and usually that only happens the first 1-2 visits and then your muscles get used to it.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Yes, chiropractic adjustments are safe! From infancy to old age, there is a safe way to adjust almost everyone. We don’t use pharmaceuticals, we don’t perform invasive treatments or procedures. Our job and our specialty is assisting your body returning to balance and health. We address the root cause of pain or limitation with targeted adjustments, muscle work and exercises. We also talk you through every single step of the process so you know what we do and why.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Appropriate for Children?

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for kids of all ages. Whether it’s aches, pains, posture or athletics, a Chiropractor may be able to help your children. Special treatment techniques and tools can be used to make it comfortable and even fun! Many parents also report improvement in ear infection pain and frequency, colic, sleep, and digestion.

What type of education and training do chiropractors have?

After completing a 4-year undergraduate degree we complete a 4-year doctoral program followed by a year of clinical residency training. Chiropractors and medical doctors receive similar total educational hours with chiropractors having a heavier focus on anatomy, physiology, neurology, orthopedics and radiology while medical doctors have more focus on biochemistry, pharmacology and disease.


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