South Austin Chiro Office Tour

Our History

South Austin Chiro (formerly Lawson Chiropractic) began in 1993 on Airport Blvd. The clinic moved to Lamar and 38th in 1998 and then when our current building was completed in 2008, we transitioned to our Brodie and Slaughter location. We have watched South Austin grow and evolve so much in the past fifteen years, as it continues to do!

Throughout our tenure we seek to provide evidence-informed care to our community, to return our patients to function, and to teach them to stay healthy. Dr. Paul Shrogin joined the practice in 2018 under the mentorship of Dr. Lawson. They have very similar views and treatment styles and work as a cohesive team, collaborating to pursue the best path of care for all patient cases and types. Dr. Lawson decided to move toward retirement and they worked together to build a transition plan that ensured seamless care for patients. Dr. Lawson retired from clinical practice near the end of 2022 - see his announcement [here]. He is still in and out of the clinic to stay in touch with both Dr. Paul and the incredible patient community that the team has built over the years.

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