Suffering from Neck Pain in South Austin?

Chiropractor South Austin TX Paul Shrogin Neck Pain

Almost everyone has experienced neck pain once in their lives in South Austin. Whether it’s from an exercise strain or a kink after a long day at work, neck pain is quite common. Lasting neck pain often makes even the simplest movements incredibly painful. This pain often leads to headaches that decrease your quality of life. Neck pain often causes its victims to avoid using the muscles in their neck resulting in muscle degeneration over time, further exacerbating the problem.

Discovering the source of neck pain is essential to receiving proper treatment. Our chiropractor in South Austin has helped neck pain many times. This article explains the causes of neck pain and demonstrates how chiropractic care at South Austin Chiro is able to provide long-lasting relief.

Neck Stiffness in South Austin

We could talk about neck pain all day. From dull, ongoing tightness to sharp, movement-stopping pain, “pain in the neck” is a cliche for a reason. There are nearly countless issues that can be caused by a number of problems including muscular tension, degeneration, nerve impingement, posture, nursing babies, whiplash, and even pain referred from the shoulder.

Similar to the low back it is very important to recruit the right professional to correctly assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the neck. Nearly all issues that cause neck pain respond very well to chiropractic care, and it is a great first, conservative step to finding what will help YOU.

Our office is specially equipped to treat a large variety of these issues. Like so many other conditions, ignoring it or managing it only with medications can lead to worsening, more frequent, and more intense symptoms. Catching problems early can lead to a fast recovery and getting the tools you need to stop yourself from having pain. Correcting issues leads to a healthier neck, helps reduce degenerative change, and can help prevent developing headaches or the postural hump in the upper back.

Pain is a burden. It underlies so many activities and decisions. Can I train harder?
Play with my kids? Focus on work? Or will I hurt myself and take two steps back?
We normalize it and accept it, and hope it doesn’t get worse, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Conventional vs. Holistic Treatments

In today’s society, people with neck pain often rely on medication from a local pharmacy. These medications will sometimes relieve the symptoms or pain but will not heal the underlying issue. Massage therapy is another popular method, but this solution only relaxes the muscles that are in the neck which, in a majority of cases, are not the source of the pain.

Chiropractic care aims to fix the issue at the root of the problem so that you can live without restrictions. By having a chiropractic exam, the source of the pain can be discovered and options are discussed for relief. After even a gentle adjustment, instantaneous relief can sometimes be found. Chiropractic often provides long-term relief and heals the body. Call South Austin Chiro in South Austin today if you or a loved one is experiencing neck pain in order to set up an appointment and relieve the pain holding you back.


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